How We Were Founded

We were founded in June of 2018 based on a need for more community representation. After moving into the Parkside community and being a community activist it was natural for her to inquire what was happening in her new community. Ms. Smith did not understand why more information was not being disseminated into these 3 growing areas and she felt like it was imperative for others to know and be informed about the communities growth and issues, so that they could have some input. So she decided along with several other dedicated residents to form Downtown Parkside Royal Poinciana Civic Association which combined the 3 communities. The Association believes that these historic neighborhoods are full of culture and personality and that it is important to preserve the rich history and assist our unique city to maintain its personality.

Board Of Directors

Lynn Smith, Chairman and President
Mitch Anton, Vice Chairman and Director 
Tara Aniano, Director
Helen Huang, Director
Elaine Kooser, Director
Rosa Nebbia, Director
Angel Williams, Director
Aleyda Novotny, Director
Susan Gilhooly, Director
Ross Berger, Director


·  Home/ Multifamily Property/ Commercial Property Of The Month - Lynn Smith, 

·  Legal Committee - Lynn Smith, Ross Berger

·  Membership/ Outreach - Tara Aniano

·  Video Features Newsletter - Mia Chin

·  Intergovernmental Issues With City, County & State - Lynn Smith, Elaine Kooser, Mitch Anton

·  Website/ Social Media/ Technology - Mia Chin

·  Parks & Open Space Areas -  Angel Williams, Mitch Anton 

·  Planning & Zoning - Lynn Smith, Elaine Kooser

·  Traffic & Safety - Susan Gilhooly, Ross Berger

·  Downtown CRA - Helen Huang, Lynn Smith

·  Downtown Historical Preservation -  Elaine Kooser, Mitch Anton


Dprpca- Code Committee: interfaces closely with the City's Code Enforcement Dept regarding code offenses observed in the Downtown, Parkside and Royal Poinciana neighborhood with a strong emphasis on education rather than penalties.

Dprpca-Home/Multifamily Property/Commercial Property of the Month Members of this committee contribute nominations, selects suitable homes, multifamily properties or commercial buildings that meet the criteria to be photographed for our Property of the Month and Good Neighbor Award Winners. Three different areas will be represented each month.

Dprpca-Legal Committee Members: Reviews any legal issues that pertain to the DPRPCA .

Dprpca-Membership/Outreach: This committee finds ways to grow membership while maintaining current members. Hosts the "Membership Table" and raffles during general meetings.

Dprpca-Video Features Newsletter: Provides content for the neighborhood newsletter; includes writing articles and working with advertisers. Responsible for videos of meetings and events of the Association.

Dprpca-lntergovernmental Issue with the City, County and State : Works closely with City Staff on issues affecting DPRPCA neighborhood. Involved with any issues that affect our neighborhood also on a county and State Basis

Dprpca-Website/Social Media:

Dprpca-Parks and Open Space Areas: Stays abreast of developments and issues involving the parks and facilities located in our neighborhood ( like Young Circle or any Public Spaces in our community.

Dprpca-Planning and Zoning: The P&Z monitors and exams any potential developments that affect the DPRPCA neighborhood.

Dprpca-Traffic and Safety : This active committee works closely with Police and the City of Traffic Engineer to insure the streets and avenues in the DPRPCA neighborhood are both safe and moving traffic around the streets effectively.

Dprpca-Website/Technology: Members will work with our Web Host who post and keeps up with the Association website and Social Media

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Meet the Board

Lynn Smith 

President, Chairmen of the board

To learn about Lynn Smith visit the homepage

Angel Williams


Rosa Nebbia


Elaine Kooser


Helen Huang


Tara Aniano


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