Why Become part Of A Civic Association

Our neighborhood area is very unusual in that includes three neighborhoods; DOWNTOWN, PARKSIDE and ROYAL POINCIANA . Unlike other neighborhoods associations this entity will be there to represent not only single family residential property owners, but multi family property owners, renters and businesses. We are here to connect our local community with the City to generate answers and information. By being part of this Civic Association you help the following to take place.

• Make certain that any issues that place in your neighborhood community you will receive notification.

• Knowing these issues will help you maintain the value of your home, property, and business by getting a chance to express your opinion and participate in the outcome

• Associations allow residents to bring forward any issues regarding crime, traffic or safety issues we might be facing. Each month residents are given the opportunity to speak with Police Neighborhood Team Leader regarding crime in our neighborhood with monthly. Updates and with ultimate resolution.

• Civic associations can let the city know if action it is taking meets the communities vision.

• Gives us advanced notice of permit approvals of new constructions or renovations that may or may not want to happen in your neighborhood before it happens so you can give input.

• Civic association determinate information.